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A pilling problem… and how I solved it

During these cold Midwest winters, our knitwear takes a lot of abuse. Recently I was showing my favorite mittens to someone who was admiring the colorwork, but when I looked at them — really looked — I was appalled by the pilling that had built up just in the past few months. Gleener to the rescue!

Take a look at the before and after (or perhaps I should say the after and before, given their positions in the photo):

Gleener before and after

They’re like brand new again! And we’ll just leave the question of why I selected a single-ply yarn for an item that would see heavy wear for another day, shall we?

If you’ve wanted to get your hands on a Gleener, now’s your chance — we have some available for sale in the studio. Hopefully your handknits aren’t looking as shabby as mine, but be confident knowing you can restore them to like-new condition with very little effort.


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