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Scrappy Along : Andrea’s Spring Cleaning Shawl

As I started to write the details of the up-coming Studio Scrappy Along that starts in two days, I needed an example of a good entry so you can see how to plan out your project. I started a new knitting project, Spring Cleaning by Stephen West. You can see in this photo that each numbered yarn is for its corresponding section in the pattern.

The first one and number 7 was found in my deep stash from years ago. Numbers 2 & 4 were left over from previous projects. The fifth yarn was the inspiration for the project that I had collected last fall along with 3 and the contrasting color. Number 6 was just acquired to fill in the amount of yarn I needed. I’m already on section two and it just plain feels good to be using up some of my stash (especially the long timers).

I hope you will use my shawl project as inspiration to go ahead and start one of your own. Don’t forget that you can knit, crochet, weave or even embroider this “along”. Details are posted on the blog!


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