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COVID Protocol Closing Details!

Hello sweet customers. The unthinkable has happened. I have the virus that shall not be named. As soon as I found out that I was exposed, I immediately got a rapid test and was positive. At that time, I had no symptoms but in the last half hour, I started to lose my sense of taste and smell plus I have a low grade fever. I am isolated from my husband as his test was negative, but he is staying home for the 10 days as well. Please send good thoughts and prayers our way that we don’t scare Purl too much when we have our loud conversations.

Because of all this and to deep clean the studio as per the CDC guidelines, we will be closed through Monday. Look for more information in the weekly email which will come out next Monday. If you have an in-studio class or private lesson scheduled in the next two weeks, it will be rescheduled when I am back.  All virtual classes and lessons will still be held as scheduled. In fact, at this point, I’ll still have open stitch this Sunday as I’m missing all of you already.

If you need to reach me, please don’t hesitate to email. I’ll try to post more regularly on the social medias to keep you entertained. Maybe I’ll even do some live or in stories as long as I don’t feel too horrible. I will also be adding a few extra Zoom Open Stitch sessions to keep us all connected during this crazy time.

Meanwhile I’ll be over here trying to knit and rest. Thankfully, I made a batch of matzo ball soup two days ago as I could use some of my Jewish penicillin. Yum!

Love to you all and stay safe,


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