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Fall has arrived!

It’s fall, y’all! I just love that little saying. Maybe it’s the weather but this is when I feel all the feels. Knitting and wearing my cozy sweaters and accessories. I have a couple of hats on the needles. Hats, It’s been cool enough to wear hats, people!!! Sweaters too but I can’t forget the shawls and wraps, as well. This is why one of the reasons I still live in Ohio. I can’t forget my family is here. My hubster wants to move to a warm weather state someday. Yeah, that’s never gonna happen. My body needs cooler weather to survive. After all, I am a delicate flower.

Speaking of hats, I did a thing and was one of several winners in a design contest this summer! Meet the Rozzie Hat. Knit up in Imperial Yarn Klamath, this unisex cozy cap has been in the making for a few years. I love the stitch definition of the yarn for this design. Want to make your own? I have all the colors of Klamath in the studio. For the next two weeks, come in and pick a skein and the pattern is free. Just in case you were wondering. This hat was named after my friend, Tangie’s favorite ewe, Rozzie.









Speaking of designs, I have written another with Clark & Elle’s Advent Calendar 25 Mini Skein Kit as the inspiration. Have you purchased one of Jennifer’s kits this year? This will be in the box. As always, I really enjoyed working with her yarns. Her colors are fabulous! There will be a Clark & Elle Pop-up Shop in the studio next month so be on the lookout for the dates coming in a few weeks.

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