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Thank you for a great LYS week!

With heartfelt gratitude, I’d like to thank all of you for your support of the studio. I know, I know, I say it quite a bit. Truthfully, this place wouldn’t be what it is without you. LYS Day Week 2020 was a huge success because of you, my kind friends. All of your purchases aside, your visits and encouraging words make this space my happy place. I’m eager to get to work every day and find new ways to inspire you to create.

Autumn is in the air and our studio instructors have been busy coming up with new classes for you.  I always find learning a new technique refreshes me and opens the options for new patterns I couldn’t do previously. In fact, I took Terri’s Easier Sock from a Tube Refresher class last Sunday. I had taken the original class last fall and I couldn’t remember some of the parts. All I needed was one hour with Terri and I was back to creating my husbands anniversary socks I started last year. Good timing too since our 33rd anniversary is this Saturday and I’m determined to finish in time!

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