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Instructor Spotlight: Andrea

Today’s spotlight highlights our very own Andrea Panzica, co-owner of 614 Knit Studio and half of the deadly design duo of Quirky Bird Knits.
Andrea Instructor Spotlight

How did you first learn to knit?

I tried learning from my mom three years in a row but only saw her a few days a year. So after the third time I got a DVD out of the library and watched it over and over again with my daughter. I kept staring at the lady’s nails (they were very long) and kept wondering how she could knit with them.

What’s the first thing you ever knit?

After I finally learned correctly, a rust colored garter stitch scarf out of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. I believe my son still has it and wears it. He is most knitworthy.

What’s your best knitting memory?

After I learned to knit correctly, I became a woman obsessed and made about 36 scarves in about 9 weeks. All with novelty yarns, of course ;)

What’s your best funny knitting story?

Somewhere, somehow, my husband must have listened to me teach someone. I was grumbling one night up in my kitchen about having to rip back to fix a mistake and he yelled up to me from the den: “Embrace the rip!” Yeah, I need to get a t-shirt made for the studio with that one!

What’s on your needles (or hook) right now?

Goodale by Cecily Glowik Macdonald in Berroco Fiora, a sample for the top-down sweater class, a hot pink, neon green and black sockhead hat, a hat that I’m designing, and way too many more to add……

What’s your favorite place to knit?

I like to knit at my kitchen table and I have a special knitting chair in one of my craft rooms. I also knit pretty much wherever I go.

What are your favorite kinds of knitting projects?

I love knitting things that either take a short time to make or can hold my interest longer than the first few rows. I have the attention span of a gnat.

What’s your most irresistible fiber temptation?

Right now, I love sheepy wools like Brooklyn Tweed Shelter or Titus by BaaRamEwe, but give me some nice hand dyed tonals any day.

What’s your best advice for beginners?

Knit a little bit every day and don’t give up.

Why do you love to teach?

I love to spread the love of the yarn. Welcome to the dark side, it’s peaceful and we have cookies.

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