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What happens in Rhinebeck DOESN’T stay in Rhinebeck…

Another year of New York Sheep & Wool is in the books. It was a whirlwind trip to the Hudson Valley for 3 days of fun and fiber! This one should be high on your Fiber Fest Bucket List. It was my fourth visit and although each trip was different, they were great in their own rights.

This time I actually made a plan to visit specific vendors, mostly booths from small farms. I was not disappointed in the quality of yarns provided by them. My two favorites were suggestions from the awesome wool whisperer, Clara Parkes. I do hope you will make it to VKL Columbus next week and hear her opening keynote speech which is free for all people who attend. She is a font of yarn knowledge.

The very first was from A Wing & A Prayer Farm. I purchased a lovely blue skein of their “Thelma & Louise” dyed with indigo & rhubarb. I had tried to get something from their booth last year and missed my opportunity. That’s why it was my first booth to visit this year.

Next was Catskill Merino FarmThis is a farm that Clara wrote about in her most recent book, Vanishing Fleece. This one did not disappoint. I’ll be ordering more from them. All their yarn is spun from their flock of Saxony Merino that live on the farm in none other than the Catskills of New York. This pillowy soft yarn feels like marshmallows on your fingertips. I’m in love.

I talked to designers and met up with Jacqueline Cieslak and Denise Bayron. This is a cool part of Rhinebeck. There are designers and yarnies at every turn. I saw others like our studio friend, Casapinka. I just love her and can’t wait until she comes back for a visit! Also, Cori Eichelberger and her amazing Rhinebeck sweater. I got a hug from Stephen West and practically begged him to come back to the studio for a visit!

Last but not least, here’s our haul from the weekend, minus a few things not shown. Remember, this is for 3 people during all three days including Needles Up! and Indie Untangled on Friday.

If you want to see more of our trip to NYSW 2019, check out the studio Instagram account, @614knitstudio where I posted a few more pictures and videos. Next year the fest will be on October 17 & 18, 2020. See you there!

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