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A fresh (re)start

All I can say is, thank goodness I embrace change. I love fresh starts. Since we moved right before the whole Stay Home order, I wasn’t able to really open the studio with the grandiose celebration I had planned for months. We will be having that celebration…. some day when it is safer out there for you to join me and all your friends.

Meanwhile, I’m making changes weekly if not daily in our beloved workspace. New yarns are coming in. Many new yarns, as I’m prepping for the new 20/21 season of fiber-crafting. I have fun notions and accoutrement coming in too. Everything is moving about so don’t expect the studio to look the same since your last visit. You might discover another favorite that has been hiding in the corner.

This week we welcome yarns from Rowan and Shibui. There’s restocks in some of our current lines as well. To make room, I’ve put several yarns on clearance. What a perfect time to search for that project quantity of yarn for your next pattern.


How’s your crafting mojo going? I’m still working on my Soundtrack every minute I can find. The hubster still makes fun of me when I throw my project bag in the car even if its for 15 minutes to go to the store or drop something off at my mother-in-law’s place. Hey, I can knit a few more stitches. Are you stretching out your hands before and during a big stitch session? I’m seeing many a knitter working on Soundtrack having to stop because their hands ache from too much repetitive use. Don’t forget to take care of those well used and needed muscles. Fortunately, my lovely job has kept me from over knitting. I’m still making good progress. What do you think?

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