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Holiday Stitching?

Don’t raise your hand but how many of you are working your fingers to the bone getting your holiday gift stitching done? I am now. I had vowed to get all my gifting done early so I could focus on my advent cowl and my WIP’s currently on the needles. Low and behold, last Sunday night, my mother-in-law requested a hat for Christmas. That really threw a monkey wrench in my plans. If you are like me, you head over to Ravelry looking for the quickest hat pattern you can find. Maybe someone designed a hat with worsted weight yarn quadrupled and size 50 needles. Nope, size 50 needles will be like working with tent poles. Let’s see, maybe size 15’s with super bulky or jumbo yarn. Okay, I can work with that. Amazingly enough, I found an answer (see below in “What’s Hot?”). So, I wound up a skein of Feederbrook Super Fluffy Chunk (isn’t that a great name?) and I’m going to start soon.

It’s just about time to start planning your new year’s stitching resolutions for 2020. I always want to learn something new every year. Maybe this is the year I master spinning. I do have a new Ashford E-spinner I’d like to try out, so don’t be surprised if I’m sitting next to you in one of Donita’s spinning classes.

This time of year the studio doesn’t have many classes but we do have tons of Open Stitch times and don’t forget the annual Studio Holiday Party on Friday, December 27th. It’s sure to be a terrific time!

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