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Follow your passion!

Last week, I received a very welcome surprise visit from Jan Emerick, the owner of the now closed Knitter’s Mercantile and most importantly my past boss and mentor. Jan owned the Merc for 10 years before retiring and passing on her blessing to opening the studio. I had 4 years under her tutelage. I shall ever be grateful for all the knowledge and encouragement she imparted, allowing me to move on and follow my dream. This brought my thoughts back to the beginning and what motivated me to own a yarn shop.

It’s funny, I can’t pinpoint the moment, but it was there for several years percolating. The entrepreneurial spirit in me wanted to be a part of the fiber world to help spread the love of knitting. Or maybe it was just the love of yarn. I learned how complex and demanding this job can be. Though I can’t really call it a job now. It’s more of a lifestyle.

Prior to working at the Merc, I briefly considered making project bags and other of my crafty endeavors a business. Taking my things and selling them at shows and the like. I’m not sure if she remembers this, but I asked Jan what she thought about it. Could I make enough money to feed my yarny habit and still make me happy? She wisely said that once it isn’t enjoyable and this endeavor develops into more of a job you don’t look forward to doing anymore. What was once a joy eventually did become a job. All I wanted to do was create and hang out with like-minded people. Enter the opportunity to work at my beloved yarn store a couple of years later and the rest is history. I kept saying I didn’t want to have a typical LYS but wanted a teaching studio with a little bit of yarn. There is nothing better than making new friends and sharing the love of your craft.

Well, after a well-placed survey at the end of the studio’s first year, we overwhelmingly got the response that you all wanted more yarn. Three years later and we have a teaching space that is bursting at the seams with yarn. In fact, I’ve changed the studio around last weekend and brought in more shelving to accommodate what is arriving in the coming weeks. My hubster, Joe and Purl helped me out on my first “real” day off in 4 weeks. But was this really a day off when I worked in the studio? Of course, it was. Every day I still have the joy to share this little dream of mine with you, my friends. I am so happy you have made the studio your home. For that and so much more, I thank you.


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