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I have startitis…

…and I have it bad.

Last week, I started not one but three hats in one day. I still have a sleeve to go on my Ursa sweater, but these were calling me. Seriously. It must be the cooler mornings. In fact, I’m writing this on my deck with a cool breeze, a cup of coffee and watching Purl frolic about in the back yard. I’ve got some easy knitting by my side and some chill music in the background. But yet, Ravelry is calling its siren song of new patterns and I have new yarn in the studio I want to try. Let’s not even mention that I have an IOU for my husband’s anniversary socks. I know, I know. Me make my man some socks? I never thought I would, but it’s the Bourbon Old Fashioned colorway from the Happy Hour Yarn Club and Terri has come up with a very cool plan. She has scheduled a new class called “Easier Socks from a Tube”. Terri will crank a tube from your sock yarn and then in class will teach you how to do the toes, heels and cuffs. You can make 2 pair of ankle socks or one pair of longer/ larger socks per skein of yarn. You must register and leave sock yarn for Terri one week prior to class so she can crank that bad boy out into a tube for you! There are limited spots available so register soon!

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