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It’s Sweater Weather!

This is it. It’s about time. And I’m ready for it!

Well, almost. I’m currently at the start of the second sleeve on my Ursa. One more episode of Ken Burn’s Country Music and it should be complete. My Hatdana is finished and blocked. I’m thinking Purl needs a matching one, don’t you? Perhaps I’ll cast on another sweater. Or should I finish one of my three already on my needles?

Am I making you cringe or are you ready to help me choose the next project? This is where you monogamous stitchers shake your heads and pity me. Those of you who have more WIP’s than they can count, get me.

If you have been around the studio, for some time, you know we have a special event in February where we work on those languishing projects and either finish it, frog it or friend it to another person. Truth be told, I’m in a frogging mood. I’d like to reclaim my needles and project bags, not to mention the precious yarn.

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