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Let’s Form a Good Habit!

They say it takes 21 – 30 days to form a habit, although I know it takes me but a few days to break a good one. I’m ready to put this theory to the test. The lovely Kay Litton (AKA The Crazy Sock Lady) has me intrigued with her knitting habits. I started to follow her on Instagram when she announced that her family was moving back east to Ohio this autumn. Several of you tagged me and I was instantly hooked to watching Kay’s daily routines. One of which is to give a specific project 30 dedicated minutes each morning. I’ve watched her do this with project after project and finish them! Holey Moley! Kay makes it look so easy. I think I can actually do this. Take one project work a little bit on it every day and voila, I have a finished sweater! What a fantastic idea…

You see, I have taken a slow boat to Sleeve Island this weekend when I bound off the hem of my Stripes sweater. For some reason it seems a very daunting task this time. I’m itching to wear this beautiful knitted hug. It fits and I absolutely adore working with the yarn. The problem is that the sweet siren call of new yarns are beckoning me to make a sample.  I love to experience each one as they roll in but when you get 4-5 in one week, that is just not humanly possible. At least not for me. Long gone are my days of cuddling up with Purl and stitching away the winter. Okay, who’s kidding who? I knit year-round! So, to finish this sweater, starting today I will test out this 30 minutes practice for 30 days theory and see if it works for me.

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